• Aline Pilates
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    Aline Pilates

    236 Carroll St, #1, Brooklyn
    Safety guidelines

    LiveStream Pilates Mat Classical Flow

    She does such a good job of queues (especially virtually) and really helps everyone focus on their form. I would say I’m an intermediate and while I wasn’t sweaty during this practice, I still really enjoyed it because it helped me ensure my alignment and form was correct and will help my practice long term. Lots of variations offered depending on your level and I feel so relaxed and loose afterwards!
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    Aline Pilates offers classical Pilates instruction in Cobble Hill. Founder Carey…
  • Harlem Yoga Studio
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    Harlem Yoga Studio

    44 W 125th St, Fl 3, New York

    Yoga Basics

    Instructor was amazing! She was very easy to relate to and connect with! Some teachers can act overly zen to the point where it feels forced but not her, I appreciated that! She taught us at a nice pace, neither too fast nor too slow, and as someone extremely new to Yoga I felt comfortable and welcome!
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    Harlem Yoga Studio is dedicated to making Yoga accessible to Every Body in Harlem…
  • Bend & Bloom Yoga
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    Bend & Bloom Yoga

    708 Sackett St, Brooklyn
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    Forrest Yoga

    Forrest yoga is a nice balance of deep stretching and a few poses that build strength. It has a slow pace. Amber was helpful with adjustments. Her voice is like a female version of James Earl Jones’, which is to say that it is booming and truly lovely!
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    Bend + Bloom is a vibrant studio currently offering outdoor yoga classes at 4 locations…
  • MontClair BABY
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    MontClair BABY

    113 Walnut Street, Montclair

    (Virtual) Prenatal & Postpartum Core Essentials

    Such an amazing class and instructor. Kendra has given me the confidence to work harder at my prenatal exercises and I already have noticed a different in my muscle tone! So grateful for this virtual class.
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    Montclair B.A.B.Y. is a center dedicated to supporting the well being of expectant…
    Strength Training, Postnatal, …


    51 E 34th St, #1A, New York
    Safety guidelines


    Coach came as me about 5-6 mins late. Not good but no biggie. Class is nonstop. No breaks whatsoever. GREAT sweat. They do alot of outdoor laps. We dis 4 today so bring a long sleeve shirt to easily slip into. There’s alot of cardio and jump squats, which I prefer. First 1/2 is mainly cardio drills: high knees, planks, outside laps around the block, bear crawls. Second 1/2 is a circuit we do two tomes followed by an outside lap. No breaks at all. No slowing down. Challenging class. Good for overall toning and to blast cals. Not good if you’re a model or dancer looking to sculpt and not bulk up. We dud extended plans that can bulk up the shoulders as well as burpees & jump squats that can bulk up the legs. Literally your agent’s nightmare. I’d still def return but modify the moves as I did today to avoid jump squats/a ton of big thigh muscle work.
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    At WRKNYC, we encompass a modern style of training the body and mind that’s suitable…
  • Sputnik Yoga
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    Sputnik Yoga

    49 Mercer St, New York

    Wellness Wednesdays Powered by Mindbody @McCarren Hotel Rooftop

    Kelly was a fantastic teacher. I was able to understand her direction and move through the movements on my own. As someone who recently started practicing yoga this was very comforting. Ill be back to practice with Kelly
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    WE ARE A MOBILE STUDIO: All Classes are 60 minutes long and are open level. This…
  • Uptown Dance Studio
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    Uptown Dance Studio

    500 Union Avenue, Belleville


    What an awesome class! Leslea is a great teacher and I felt like I got a great workout out of it! I will surely be back for more!
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    Welcome to their women's dance and fitness center, sister company of Uptown Dance…

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