Classic (45 Mins) at CycleBar

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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by CycleBar and were last updated on 1/25/23.

Ventilation system

We have installed the REME Halo air purification system directly into the ductwork. This state of the art system. This system is known to kill 99% of surface and airborne pollutants, virus, bacteria, keeping the air you breathe in during class as safe as possible. More info on manuf. website

Extra sanitation

All high touch surfaces are cleaned before, during, and after each class. We have installed a state of the art air purification system in our ductwork to keep you safe throughout the CycleTheater and studio.

Limited capacity

We are operating at 50% capacity at this time. All extra bikes have been removed from the CycleTheater.

Equipment policies

All equipment is cleaned by CycleBar staff before, during, after class.

Tue, Sep 26
There are no upcoming “Classic (45 Mins)” reservations on this day.

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