30-minute cardio circuit training home workout video

Get your heart rate moving in this 360 workout class to build on cardio and strength endurance.
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Cardio circuit training workout

  • Instructor: Bakari Williams
  • Difficulty level: Open - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced. Modification options included.
  • Body focus: Full Body— Legs, Core, Arms, Back
  • Equipment
  • No equipment needed, floor mat optional
  • Class duration
  • 28:47
  • Workout structure
  • Bakari starts the training with jumping jacks and breaks the class down into three rounds. Each round will be about 10 minutes. The first round includes squat, overhead punches, alternating lunges and more. Between each round there will be time for an active recovery. Keep the cardio going with a second round of squats and push-ups. Lastly, max it out with the third round starting with shoulder taps and mountain climbers. Shake it out and then cool down with downward dog for stretches.
  • Class description
  • This 30-minute, full-body cardio circuit is a 360 workout class targeting your legs, core, arms and back. This class will build cardio endurance and strengthen muscles through movements like squats and reverse lunge kicks, all while increasing your heart rate. No equipment is needed, and modifications will be provided throughout class to reduce impact, if necessary. To prepare for class, wear sneakers and clear a space around you big enough for burpees and jumping jacks.

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